Iran, Spain to expand cooperation

Madrid, March 19, IRNA – In a seminar held in Madrid on Tuesday, Iran and Spain voiced readiness to expand cooperation after a period of stagnation.

In the seminar, held under the auspices of Spainˈs International Union of Workingmenˈs Associations J. Bangas, the industrialists and envoys of about 60 enterprises in a statement agreed on promoting ties and cooperation.

ˈUnder present conditions, we are passing a period of recession in ties and heading towards higher level cooperation. We hope that the ongoing talks will provide a suitable opportunity for companies of the two countries to strive for expansion of mutual commercial cooperation,ˈ Bangas told Iranˈs Ambassador to Madrid Morteza Saffari on Tuesday.

Saffari for his part enumerated Iranˈs advantages in the region and its economic potential, welcoming expansion of mutual cooperation.



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