Israel’s anti-Iran plots self-defeating: Analyst

The Israeli regime will be shooting itself in the foot by hatching belligerent plots against Iran, says a political analyst.

Yuram Abdullah Weiler wrote in a column for the Press TV website on Friday that Israel’s “warmongering approach” will fail due to the “self-defeating nature” of its plots.

Israelis have repeatedly threatened to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities while they keep pressuring the United States to impose further sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

“The Israeli entity does not have the requisite ordnance to inflict significant damage upon Iran’s hardened nuclear sites,” Weiler wrote, warning that any “unilateral military action” against Iran will result in “further condemnation and isolation of the Zionist entity.”

He added that the sanctions imposed on Iran have made “the Islamic Republic more self-sufficient” instead of “crippling the Iranian economy as desired.”

“To maintain its role, the Zionist entity has spent a great deal of time and money courting US politicians and over the years has become quite adept at lobbying,” Weiler said, adding that “Iran is a case in point.”

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that the largest pro-Israel lobby group in the United States plans to pressure the administration of President Barack Obama to take a tougher stand against Iran in negotiations over its nuclear energy program.

During its annual three-day conference which begins on March 2, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is expected to square off with White House officials over Iran, the journal reported.

AIPAC is gathering against the background of progress in Iran’s nuclear talks with the six world powers – the US, France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany.

By Press TV


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