Veep: Iran to use all potentials to assist Iraq to pass through crisis

Tehran, Feb 27, IRNA – Iran will use all its potentials in the region to assist Iraq to pass through the political crisis that that countryˈs enemies have created for it, First Vice President Esˈhaq Jahangiri said Wednesday evening.

ˈSolving the internal problems with which Iraq is entangled today is in need of wisdom and patience of the Iraqi leaders and the peaceful coexistence of the Iraqi tribes and ethnic groups, who can become a good model for the regional nations,ˈ he said in a meeting with visiting Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari.

Jahangiri said that bilateral relations are growing rapidly and getting deeper, relying on the strong will of the two countriesˈ officials, adding that Iran has lots of experience and achievements in the field of construction, which is ready to present to the Iraqi nation.

He expressed delight over the signing of a bilateral environment protection agreement, emphasizing the need for implementing its articles aimed at resolving the fine dust air pollution problem and the other ecosystem issues between the two countries.

The first vice president meanwhile emphasized that the obstacles and limits in the way of bilateral economic cooperation need to be eliminated.

ˈWe must try to finalize and implement the articles of those important documents that play decisive roles in expansion of Tehran-Baghdad economic relations,ˈ he said.

Jahangiri said that a comprehensive plan inclusive of the future perspective of the entire dimension of the two countriesˈ relations must be devised and signed as the roadmap for the future relation of the two countries.

The first vice president condemned the recent terrorist acts in Iraq, reiterating, ˈDespite some regional and ultra-regional countriesˈ assumptions who had predicted that by strengthening the terrorists they could achieve their objectives, taking instrumental advantage of terrorism will turn into a threat against their own interests in the future.ˈ

Jahangiri praised Iraqˈs support for the Syrian refugees as a humanitarian move, reiterating, ˈThe Syrian crisis must merely be resolved by that countryˈs people and through political waysˈ, stressing that Baghdadˈs more serious moves regarding Syria can contribute to problem solving there.

The Iraqi foreign minister, for his part, said that the objectives of his visit of Tehran included pursuing the implementation of the previous agreements and holding talks with the Iranian officials.

ˈIn these negotiations we achieved good and eye-catching advancements on issues related to both countries, and fruitful results were gained,ˈ said Hoshyar Zebari.

He said that the two countriesˈ relations in various fields were good and still expanding, adding that Tehran and Baghdad have share viewpoints and are agreed in various fields.

Zebari also referred to the growing presence of Takfiri terrorist groups in Iraq, saying, ˈIraq suffers from a certain extent of security and political problems today, and is meanwhile trying to resolve them through holding dialogues.ˈ

On the Syrian crisis and its reflection on regional stability, too, he reiterated, ˈThe Syrian crisis must be resolved as soon as possible, because it has direct effects on Iraqi borders and the security of the other regional countries.ˈ

Earlier in the day, too, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday that no government among the neighboring countries will benefit from supporting terrorism and sectarian conflict.

He made the remarks in a joint press conference with his Iraqi counterpart Hoshyar Zebari.

The governments of Iran and Iraq share identical stand on the menace of terrorism, he said.

Those who escalate tension for others are dissatisfied with end of the crisis they manipulated in the region and masterminded terrorist operations against Iran’s Embassy in Lebanon, Yemen or Pakistan, Zarif said.



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