Shadi Sadr, a traitor in activist’s clothing!

An Iranian ‘activist’ who is said to be the British intelligence services’ hitwoman on Iran has stirred controversy by calling for the disintegration of her motherland.

Shadi Sadr, a 40-year-old feminist activist who has written extensively against Iran, has demanded the separation of the resource-rich southwestern province of Khuzestan from the rest of the country.

“Living next to the Karun (river) and the Shatt al-Arab (Arvand) waterway with the country’s oil underneath your feet…Will you not wish to separate from this ‘damn’ Iran,” she posted on her Facebook page.

The post has been met with angry reactions by Iranians both inside and outside of the country.

“Damn Iran? Is this something written by a neutral person? Is this post meant to support the people of Khuzestan or to please Mrs. Sadr’s new masters?” wrote Shahrzad Bagheri. Her comment was followed by many other comments against Sadr’s anti-Iran remarks.

“You have insulted our dear Iran, Mrs. Sadr! And you have tried to label your opponents as racist! These will not help the people of Khuzestan, nor will they prove anything,” said Mehrdad Bozorg in another comment.

“Right now there are bodies of many Iranian martyrs (of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war) still lying at the bottom of Arvand and this mole is calling the waterway Shatt al-Arab! Saddam Hussein (the hanged Iraqi dictator) must be proud of her,” wrote Arya.

Experts believe that Sadr’s activities are part of a recent campaign to create ethnic tensions in Iran.
“This person (Sadr) is clearly a tool…She must be on the MI6 payroll, otherwise no Iranian in her sound mind would dare to insult her motherland so shamelessly,” said Hamid Reza Emadi, Press TV’s newsroom director.

“It is sad to say that Shadi Sadr is a traitor. And, traitors have always been on the wrong side of history,” Emadi added, stressing that it is every Iranian’s duty to fight separatist sentiments.

“Separatist sentiments publicized by Shadi Sadr could threaten the territorial integrity of our dear Iran. This is a crime against humanity as promoting separatist sentiments is a clear example of incitement to violence,” he said, stressing that the Iranian nation has successfully confronted “the nasty phenomenon of separatism” in recent decades.

Emadi said Iran is a “great nation that has stood the test of time for thousands of years and still stands tall as a proud nation no matter who is in power.”

“We made calculus and medicine. Christians say Iranians saved baby Jesus, Jews say we saved Judaism. Our land has been invaded three times in 2000 years by the most savage armies that man has seen since setting foot on Earth,” Emadi said, adding that “despite those invasions that changed our lives forever, we are still united as a nation with Persian blood still running in our veins, feeding our brain cells and enriching our DNA.”

“The grace and glory of the Iranian nation, our past, our present and more importantly our future, do not allow us to tolerate a rat like Shadi Sadr when she calls for the disintegration of our beloved Iran.”

Sadr had earlier called for tougher sanctions against Iran despite knowing that the sanctions only target ordinary civilians. She has successfully represented the British spy agency on media sanctions against Iran.

In a recent commentary posted on a separatist website, she admitted to have sabotaged “European diplomats’ efforts to get anti-Iran sanctions eased.”

“Shadi Sadr has to be extradited to Iran. She has to face trial for calling for the disintegration of Iran and for acting against Iran’s national interests by working for a foreign spy agency,” Emadi said.

By Press TV


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