Iran urges quick intl. measures for Syrian crisis

TEHRAN, Feb. 26 (MNA) – Iranian ambassador to the UN has said the main hurdle for aid transfer to the Syrian people and also the reason of insecurity in Syria is terrorist groups presence in the country.

Mohammad Khazaee at UN expressed regrets for the dreadful conditions of Syrian people and urged quick action of the international society to set up a discourse among the whole sides in the country to end the bloodshed of Syrian people.

At the UN meeting a report of the Syrian refugees and the country’s condition was shown to the audiences.

Khazaee pointed to the fact that half million Syrian refugees are now in the other countries adding that “we are all here grateful to the UN efforts regarding reduction of Syrian crisis but no one has ever pointed to the cause of such huge crises.”

Iran’s ambassador to the UN also addressed the other countries’ ambassadors there asking them who the responsibles for the crises are and also asked about the role of the other countries and military forces there in addition to the terrorist groups.

He held that the only way to end the Syrian crisis is elimination of the main causes and that diplomatic discourses should be held among all groups in Syrian to resolve the crisis through peaceful political ways.

“There should be a Syrian-Syrian way to end the crisis which requires the whole world’s cooperation to help the Syrian nation find the right way.” believed he.

Khazaee addressed the UN Security General and said that Islamic Republic of Iran has been committed to send humanitarian helps to the Syrian people from the very beginning of the crisis.

He also said that Islamic Republic of Iran hosted a trilateral meeting with Syria and Switzerland on February 4 over the human crisis in Syria.

“Present alarming condition in Syria is the result of foreign interference there in addition to terrorist groups’ growth and joining of thousands of European and African forces to the terrorist groups which all have made Syria a ‘training camping site’ for the organized, armed extremists.” reiterated he.

Khazaee in a reaction to the Saudi Arabia’s representative at the meeting who blamed on Islamic Republic of Iran for interferes with the Syrian affairs said “all of the countries that interfere with the Syrian affairs and send monetary and military helps there especially the Saudi Arabia must be asked to stop and leave Syria.”

By Mehr News Agency


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