Portugal, Czech to stage Iran’s Shakespeare inspired play

The Shakespeare inspired Iranian play Do not Hesitate Horatio has been selected to be staged at two international theater festivals in Portugal and Czech.

The play is slated to be performed at the FATAL theater festival in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon in March and will be staged at Czech’s city Hlinsko in April.

Directed by Abbas Aghsami, Do not Hesitate Horatio is a stage appropriated work of William Shakespeare’s magnum opus drama Hamlet.

Horatio is the most trusted friend of the play’s hero Prince Hamlet to whom Hamlet reveals all his plans.

Written by Saeed Hashemipour, Do not Hesitate Horatio is a parody comic of the original play.

Organized by the Rector of the University of Lisbon, the Annual Festival of Academic Theatre of Lisbon, FATAL brings to the capital the most recent staging of theater troupes from across the world.

By Press TV


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