Energy, Transportation ministers visiting Northern provinces

TEHRAN, Feb. (5) – President has assigned energy and transportation ministers to a ‘specific mission’ in Northern provinces of Guilan and Mazandaran.

Abbas Akhundi, minister of roads and transportation started his travel from Chalous special road, where he oversaw the performance of road-keeping groups.

“Our colleagues have been deployed in national roads since snowfall. Golestan, Qazvin, Tehran, Alborz, and Northern Khorasan provinces has sent road machinery to reopen the roads to northern provinces, and now all main routes are open due to their efforts,” Akhundi told during the visit.

He also said that 30 snowplowing machines had been sent to affected provinces. “The field activity to reopen the main routes is still underway in Guilan and Mazandaran provinces,” added the minister, expressing thanks to the public who respected the demands by the ministry and postponed travel to Northern provinces.

“Today, the operation to reopen village routes of Tonekabon will start,” Akhundi added. Hamid Chitchian, energy minister, also has travelled today morning to oversee the operations to provide utilities in the snow-blanketed provinces of northern Iran.

He will closely oversee the attempts to revive the electricity and water services. He will be in Chalous as starting point, and in a session with Tavanir major operating company managers and Energy ministry-affiliated companies’ directors to hear the latest conditions of service provision in these provinces. Chitchian also will visit Tonekabon, Ramsar, and then he will visit Guilan.

With A heavy snow in northern provinces especially in Guilan and Mazandaran, the managers of Tavanir and Iran’s Water and Wastewater Engineering Companies has traveled to region on Sunday on a mandate issued by energy minister to oversee the provision of utilities in affected provinces.

President Rouhani assigned last night his energy and transportation ministers with the mission to travel to the region so that improvements would be brought to living conditions there.

By Mehr News Agency 


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