Zarif: I asked Kerry to be committed to nuclear deal

TEHRAN, Feb. 4 (MNA) – Iran’s FM has said he has called Mr. Kerry to be committed to Iran nuclear deal.

In response to a Mehr News question about US officials claims that Kerry had told in a meeting with Zarif that US sanctions would remain on place and what would be Iran’s demands from US Zarif told that they had talked about the next rounds of talks and gaining a comprehensive deal.

“Mr. Kerry also emphasized that the US government will pursue the issue and is serious to resolve the nuclear issue, he also pointed to concerns voiced by the US such as some circles inside the US believing that 1st nuclear deal will fade all sanctions away,” added Zarif.

Iran foreign minister also held that sanctions contributed to Iranians’ pessimism towards West because such sanctions denied public access to medicine and foods. He also hoped for a relief of all sanctions.

He asserted that “in the meeting I cast doubt on uselessness and legitimacy of the sanctions upon Iran. US should view the issue from another perspective to solve it,” and that “sanctions upon Iran do not work for them.”

“I also underlined both sides’ commitment to the content of the deal and asked Mr. Kerry not to publish any other text,” added Zarif.

“We hope for a final agreement after the joint meeting between Mrs. Ashton and me on February 17 and a meeting between Iran and Powers on February 18. The last agreement will have an integral part, that is, removal of all sanctions,” Zarif predicted.

By Mehr News Agency


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