Iran sanctions deal has Iranian citizen approval

US sanctions against Iran have apparently made a significant impact on the citizens of that country, and the recent Obama administration deal that has lifted some of those sanctions has also had a significant impact. With vast approval of reestablishing working ties with America, the country is finding renewed hope for a brighter future.

The partial lifting of sanctions that was enacted on January 20th has seen some fairly notable results. With an influx of trade and money in the economy, the value of the Iranian Rial was stabilized somewhat and inflation slowed as well. This means that consumers can buy their goods, imported or otherwise, at cheaper rates. Furthermore, Iranian currency will be more consistent in its value.

Economists assume that, policy pending, Iran’s economic turmoil will be improving as sanctions are continually lifted. The prices of goods should continue to decrease, as should unemployment numbers. Also, as with all times of rapidly  improving economic conditions, it would not be entirely surprising if Iran begins to experience an economic boom.

With that, it seems as though public opinion in Iran has shifted remarkably in favor of the US. The country’s citizens have apparently developed this positive attitude in response to the lifting of sanctions.

The RAND corporation did a study recently to gauge the support that the US and the West have among Iranian citizens. What it found was that a majority of citizens are in favor of reestablishing positive relations to improve economic conditions.

This new found citizen approval is entirely understandable. With inflation increasing at an astronomical 35 percent in 2013 and unemployment near 15 percent in Iran, the economic situation of the country is dire. Necessities are at such inflated prices that living is incredibly difficult for most citizens. It is assumed that the sanctions have been the cause, and this new deal is the solution for the Iranian people.

Does this mean that Iran is ready to welcome America with open arms? Perhaps not. The study also found that a significant number of citizens were in favor of continuing to pursue Iran’s controversial nuclear program. Also, the policies and actions of the Iranian government are still seen as isolationist in many ways, so even if the country is warming to the idea of better relations, it has not quite thawed.

As well, there is still the chance that talks will fizzle out entirely. Republicans and some Democrats are against the easing of sanctions, suggesting that the Iranian regime has not earned the benefit of the doubt. Other critics, including Israel, have pointed to the fear that if Iran were to reignite its nuclear program, it would only take a few short weeks to produce the necessary ingredients for the bomb.

Regardless of all of the potential short comings of the Iranian sanctions deal and its detractors, it is apparent that one group is overwhelmingly giving its approval: the Iranian citizens. The deal admittedly has bugs to work out, and the Obama Administration has highlighted that negotiations need to continue. With the economic outlook improving for dozens of millions of citizens, it is entirely understandable that they are vehemently opposed to the nuclear program of their own country.

By Liberty Voice


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