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Iran exporting gas condensations to Europe under sanctions

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Director General of Pars Special Energy/Economic Zone, located in southern Iran, Khodadad Rahimi announced that the country is exporting gas condensations to European countries although it is still under western sanctions.

“Despite sanctions in all economic sectors, we are still witnessing increasing exports of non-oil material and gas condensations,” he said.

He further added Iran exported 878,631 tons of gas condensations worth $764.786.780 during the 10th Iranian month (December 20-January 20).

Rahimi continued that Iran also exported 1.367.114 tons of goods, including light and heavy polyethylene, gas condensations, propane gases, butane, butadiene, butene 1, heavyethylene glyco, monoethylene glyco and diethylene glyco, methanol, jambo wax, polypropylene, styrene monomer, sulfur, raffinate and parazaylyne, totaling $1.232.499.305.

The exports increased 48 percent in terms of weight and 81 percent in terms of value comparing to the statistics released similar period last year.

The products were mainly sent to China, Japan, the UAE, India, Indonesia, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Afghanistan.



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