Assyrian priest: Islamic Revolution leads to progress of religious minorities

Orumiyeh, West Azarbaijan Prov, Jan 25, IRNA – Priest of the Assyrian church of Orumiyeh said Saturday that the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran resulted in progress and development of the countryˈs religious minorities.

Daryavosh Azizian told IRNA in this northwestern provincial capital city that enemies of Iran became disappointed after victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution as they believed the new establishment would not tolerate existence of religious minorities.

Azizian said Iranˈs religious minorities have played an effective role shoulder to shoulder to their Muslim fellow citizens both in the days of the Islamic Revolution and during the eight years of Iraqi imposed war against the young Islamic Republic which was established in the country after the victory of the Revolution.

The Assyrian priest stressed that Iranˈs religious minorities are still working with their fellow Muslim citizens to help the country develop.

The Islamic Revolution has practiced true meaning of justice in the society by equally supporting different tribes and religious minorities nationwide, Azizian stressed.

He referred to the Islamic establishment as a justice-seeking system that is in serious fight against world arrogant powers.

The Assyrian priest added that presently, all religious minorities in Iran are free to practice their own rituals with no restrictions.

By Mehr News Agency


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