EU companies compete for Iranian markets

TEHRAN, Jan. 20 (MNA) – The deputy-head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization has said the EU companies have entered a race for Iranian market.

Mehdi Mir Abutalebi, who was speaking to Mehr News, told that Iran now was in the focus of attention by all countries and with the Geneva deal implemented, the queues to demand trade and economic delegations had been longer.

“ currently, many countries awaits visiting Iran and we hope that this would boost trade between Iran and the world,” he added, “ since many western countries face economic hardships, the implementation of Geneva deal now would provide a great contribution to improvement of economies of these countries.”

“As acknowledged by officials of western countries, there has been a race for Iran’s markets and the high potentials of the country to extend the trade relations with the world, and to exploit such an opportunity,” said the deputy-head of Trade Promotion Organization.

He also believed that Iran should grasp the opportunity to act in a framework of national interest in opening its economic relations with the EU partners.

By Mehr News Agency


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