President Rouhani arrives at Ahvaz airport

AHVAZ, Jan. 14 (MNA) – Iran’s president has just arrived at Ahvaz airport, is received by provincial and local government officials in Khuzestan.

Ayatollah Jazayeri, the Leader’s representative to Khuzestan, Abdolhossein Moqtadyi, provincial governor, and other officials welcomed Rouhani at the airport. Rouhani’s first flight was delayed due to air pollution and thick smog in Ahvaz.

This is Rouhani’s first round of provincial cabinet in Khuzestan. Upon his arrival in Ahvaz airport he told reporters that close visits to the public was in his government’s agenda as an effective media to hear the public demands in peripheral and undeveloped provinces. “This is part of the government’s obligations. Khuzestan’s valorous people defended heroically their soil during eight years of war with Iraq with resistance unparalleled by any example in the war,” Rouhani lavished praise upon the Khuzestan’s public.

“Khuzestan is the land of martyrdom and resistance. Thus, we take for granted the opportunity to visit the province,” added Rouhani, commenting on government’s agenda in the visit, “we will have meetings with the public in Ahvaz, Abadan, and Khorramshahr, especially clerics and families of war martyrs.”

By Mehr News Agency 


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