Ad hoc committee to examine IP gas pipeline likely changes

TEHRAN Jan 13 (Shana): Changing the timeframe of launching Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline depends on the results of an ad hoc committee’s studies which has been set up to pursue IP project and present its expertise proposals on the case.

Deputy minister of petroleum for international affairs and trading, Ali Majedi, made the remarks in an interview with Shana, adding following Iran’s minister of petroleum meeting with his Pakistani counterpart in Tehran last month, the two sides agreed with setting up a bilateral committee to follow gas pipeline project on a regular basis and find a solution for the long-delayed construction of the pipeline inside Pakistan’s territory.

He further said that it was slated the two sides’ delegations to hold a meeting late January to discuss the gas pipeline’s related issues and present their views to Iran and Pakistan’s petroleum ministers.

Iran’s minister of petroleum and his Pakistani counterpart met on 9th December 2013 in Tehran and discussed about a variety of energy bilateral issues including LPG trade, construction of oil refineries and crude oil and oil products exports to Pakistan.

On his recent visit to Turkmenistan, Majedi said he discussed with Turkmenistan officials on cooperation in oil and gas sector.
Iran-Turkmenistan economic commission meeting will take place 20 and 20 January in Ashgabat to discuss boosting bilateral economic cooperation especially in oil and gas sector.

Tehran and Ashgabat signed a 25-year gas contract in 1997 under its terms Turkmenistan exports gas to Iran through a 200 kilometers pipeline. The Central Asian country is located northeast Iran.



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