Iran supports Iraqi anti-terrorism campaign: envoy

Baku, Jan 9, IRNA – Iranˈs Ambassador to Azerbaijan Republic Mohsem Pakayeen said on Thursday that Iran supports the Iraqi government in campaign against terrorism and Iraqi national resolve to establish peace and security.

The ambassador said that instability in Iraq can spread to other regional states, adding that instability in the region will benefit no country.

Referring to the Iraqi armyˈs readiness to counter terrorism, he further said that certain terror groups are seeking to fuel insecurity in Iraq by invading the Iraqi province of al-Anbar and Falluja but the Iraqi army was successful in fighting terrorism, and will be supported by the international community.

ˈIraqi government was successful in establishing a democratic process and it is on the path to development and a bright future is on the prospects,ˈ he said.

Pakayeen said that countering terrorism needs a single voice be heard from the entire world.

The ambassador urged peace-loving countries to support the Iraqi campaign against terrorism in a symbolic move.



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