Air pollution: Problems and solutions

Zistboom: Dr. Mohsen Razavi said the residents of Tehran have darker lungs compared to those of people living in cities with cleaner air, ISNA reported.

He noted that the texture of lung tissue is affected by air pollution, adding that future studies may reveal that lung cancer is more prevalent in Tehran than the other cities.

The specialist said carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic, colorless and odorless gas produced as a result of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels.

Razavi said tobacco increases the CO content in a smoker’s blood, adding that gas ovens are also a major source of CO in houses with open kitchen and no exhaust outlet.

“Although CO is among the most common air pollutants, dust and suspended particulate matter (SPM) are the main causes of air pollution in large cities.”

Air pollution, chiefly from traffic exhaust fumes in cities, is having a serious and sometimes fatal effect on the health of people. Pollution increases the risk of lung cancer even at levels lower than those recommended by the European Union.

Although smoking is a far bigger cause of lung cancer, a great number of people will get the disease due to environmental factors.

Reza Hosseini, a member of the board of directors of Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, said illegal operations of industrial units in Tehran have increased the air pollution.

“Organizing industrial guilds and units should be placed on the agenda of Tehran’s City Council, municipality and government,” he said.

Hosseini said the activities of industrialists in the city of Tehran are directly related to the municipality, concluding Tehran’s chamber will cooperate with the municipality to organize them.

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