Iran today: Interim nuclear deal to be implemented in late January?

The head of Iran’s technical team announced on Tuesday, after two days of talks with counterparts from the 5+1 Powers, that implementation of the interim nuclear deal will begin in late January.

However, a question mark over the declaration was put later in the day from Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi, Iran’s lead nuclear negotiator.

Araqchi said he would meet Helga Schmidt, the deputy of lead 5+1 negotiator Catherine Ashton, next week. He said that, as the experts submit the final report on their four sets of meetings, “there are certain issues yet left unsolved diplomatically”.

The experts, who come from the nuclear, banking, oil, and transport sectors, were discussing provisions such as Iran’s suspension of enrichment of 20% uranium and a start to the relief of US-led sanctions on Iran.

Culture Minister Calls for Relaxation of Restrictions on Social Networking Sites

Culture Minister Ali Jannati has called for a relaxation of restrictions on access to social networking sites,
“[Officials] need to reconsider and not consider everything as criminal content.”

Jannati suggested movement the oversight of the Internet from prosecutors and the Committee for the Determination of Criminal Content to the Supreme Council of Cyber Space, headed by President Rouhani.

The minister specifically commented on the recent blocking of the popular network WeChat, suggesting that certain features of the site could be restricted — on grounds of privacy — instead of a full ban on access.

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