WAVE is continuation of dialogue among civilizations

Kuala Lumpur, Dec 30, IRNA – A Filipino lecturer said on Monday that World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE) is a continuation of earlier efforts made by former president Mohammad Khatami.

Khatamiˈs “Dialogue among Civilizations” initiative paved the way for establishing a serious inter-faith, trans-continental platform to address issues that divide the world and undermine international security, Richard Javad Heydarian, international affairs lecturer at Ateneo De Manila University, Philippines, told IRNA.

The resolution is in line with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s international stances on a whole range of issues, from establishing regional security, to fostering global cooperation, and, above all, tackling ideological extremism and sectarian violence, which is facing the whole Middle East region today, he noted.

As a victim of terrorism and chemical weapons (during the 1980-88 Iraqi imposed war), Iran has a stake in ensuring that extremism and violence are prevented and condemned through a concerted international effort, Heydarian said.

As a major regional power, Iran can play a key role in establishment of stability of the Middle East and improving the security in its turbulent neighborhood, he said.

The lecturer stated that as far as President Rouhani administration is concerned, the resolution perfectly reflects Iran’s renewed efforts at asserting its pivotal position in the international community.

It is part of President Rouhani’s bid not only to improve relations with the West, with some European countries vigorously supporting the resolution, but also to underscore Iran’s role as a responsible stakeholder in regional affairs, Heydarian added.

He also emphasized that the resolution expresses Tehran’s call for ideological moderation, international cooperation, and inter-faith harmony.

Although certain media seems to have downplayed Iran’s role in the conceptualization of the resolution, it will nevertheless be associated with the Rouhani administration’s admirable efforts to open a new chapter in Iran’s foreign relations and role in international affairs, he reiterated.

According to him, the resolution will help cement President Rouhani’s image as a democratically-elected, pragmatic and moderate leader, whom the world should welcome as a proactive force for good and peace, both for the Iranian people and the Middle East as well as the broader international society.



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