Boroujerdi: regional powers have understood their mistakes on Syria

Iranian MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi

Tehran, Dec 29, IRNA – Chairman of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said on Sunday that the western governments which militarized the Syrian crisis have come to understand their blunder after a lapse of three years and they are currently seeking a diplomatic settlement.

According to Majlis News and Mass Media Bureau, Boroujerdi made the remarks in a meeting with the outgoing Tunisian Ambassador to Iran Khaled Zeitouni.

ˈThe western governments militarized internal crisis which killed thousands of the innocent people,ˈ he said.

He made it clear that the humanitarian crisis in Syria can be solved only by the Syrians themselves and through negotiations.

Referring to terrorist acts in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, the MP said that the issue of terrorism and Takfiris are critical which if not tackled by the regional states, it will turn into irreparable challenge.

Boroujerdi touched on the nuclear deal between Iran and 5+1 Group and said that Iran has always opposed monopoly in science and technology and it sealed Geneva deal to ensure that Iranian legitimate rights enshrined by Non-Proliferation Treaty is recognized.

Boroujerdi appreciated efforts made by the Tunisian envoy during his mission in Tehran to upgrade Iranian ties with Tunisia adding that enhanced relations with Tunisia as a major country of the Muslim World has always been on Iranˈs agenda.

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to bolster parliamentary cooperation with Tunisia.

Zeitouni, for his part, underlined promotion of bilateral ties and said, ˈWe consider Iran not only an advanced and Muslim country but also a center of theosophy and science.ˈ

Underlining his countryˈs support to Iran peaceful nuclear activities, he added that Iranˈs accomplishments in different fields including peaceful nuclear technology is a strong point for the Muslim World.

Zeitouni voiced his countryˈs interest to promote ties with Iran calling for regular exchange of visits by the two countriesˈ officials.



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