MPs’ oil export concerns behind 60% uranium enrichment call

Nasim– Over 200 Iranian lawmakers signed a bill proposing enrichment of uranium up to 60 percent, but why should they seek to open the Pandora’s Box after the deal Iran clinched with the West in Geneva over its nuclear dossier?

The bill was endorsed overwhelmingly by Iranian MP in the Islamic Assembly (Majlis) and entails some 9 reasons why the proposition was made in the first place. It also called on the government of Iran to pursue 60% enrichment as a priority in its nuclear program.

It was argued in the bill that more than 90% of Iran’s income is supplied from sea interactions with the world and all of Iran’s petroleum exports to the world are made possible by the marine fleet which is strongly sanctioned by the West and the US.

Iran’s oil tankers need durable energy resources with high efficiency and endurance which is only possible through nuclear energy provided by at least 60% enriched uranium, said the MPs in the bill.

For this peaceful purpose and the everyday call for energy resources, on the one hand, and the sanctions on oil tankers from Iran, the government is required to provide the needed enriched uranium for oil tankers exporting Iranian petroleum products to the world, the bill said.

The bill requires the government to seek enrichment of 60% uranium to satisfy peaceful domestic needs in various industrial sections for nuclear reactors as a replacement for fossil fuels based on the requirement of the NPT.

By Nasim Online


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