IRNA chief calls for expansion of media cooperation with Egypt

Tehran, Dec 25, IRNA – Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency Mohammad Khoddadi said on Wednesday that accuracy of reporting is responsibility of the world media and that the media must work to bring the world nations closer.

Khoddadi made the remarks in a meeting with Egypt media delegation in Tehran.

The fate and destiny of the Iranian and Egyptian people are interrelated, he said.

Referring to cultural and historical affinities between the two nations, he said that there is no difference between the two nations adding that Iran and Egypt share ample similarities but less differences.

On the efforts of the enemies of the world Muslims who spare no efforts to sow discord among them, he said the Islamic countries should do their best to bolster relations and cooperation.

ˈThere is no justification to severe relations between the two nations. Muslims are regarded as members of one family and we as the media activists should do our best.ˈ

Referring to current political developments in Egypt, Khoddadi said that the will and interests of Egyptians are very important for Iran and Iran respects the Egyptian national aspirations.

He said that the Egyptian government is expected to remove the impediments in the way of reflecting political developments in Egypt, adding that the Iranian and the Egyptian media should establish direct cooperation and should spare no efforts to reflect realities in both countries.

The Western media ignore realities in Egypt and Iran. The fact is that both countries are experiencing democracy.

Role of media in restoring stability and tranquility in the human communities is of prime importance, said IRNA chief.

Meanwhile, Khoddadi invited the Egyptian media to open offices in Iran.

Editor-in-chief of the Egyptian Daily and news website al-Youm al-Sabe, Adel al-Sanouri, for his part said that Egypt and Iran are the two big powers in the region and that is why the western propaganda campaign targeted both countries attempting to keep the two countries separated.

The fact is that there is a golden opportunity for Iran and Egypt to bolster relations and both sides should seize it, Adel al-Sanouri said.

Egyptian media delegation comprising 25 media persons visit Iran upon an invitation by the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and ministry of foreign affairs.

During stay in Iran, the Egypt media delegation are to tour Iranian cities to see historical monuments and cultural heritage.



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