Parliament speaker dubs capital transfer bill ‘impossible’

TEHRAN, Dec. 24 (MNA) – The capital transfer bill has been approved by the Parliament, however, speaker dubs it ‘impossible.’

Mehr News parliament correspondent reported that representatives passed the bill to transfer the political and administrative capital from Tehran with 110 Yeses and 67 Nays and 10 abstentions. 27 other representatives did not participate in the voting.

The bill is reportedly violates articles in the constitution; is very costly, and in addition, the Parliament speaker opposed it as impossible.

The Cabinet also opposed the bill as ‘not executable.’ Majid Ansari, president’s Parliamentary aid told representatives that the government should find clear perspective on the issue.

He pointed to the earthquake band where the country is located, saying that “no province is secured against the quake.

If the political and administrative capital is transferred out of fear of the quake, how we can forget millions of lives of Tehran population to save our political institutions secure.”

By Mehr News Agency


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