Indian analyst: Endorsement of the Iranian resolution at UN is a major step

New Delhi, Dec 23, IRNA — An Indian political analyst termed on Monday the endorsement of an Iranian sponsored resolution at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) to fight against the violent extremism as a major step to ensure peace and stability all over the world.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, the content editor of the “Sahara Media Group” Miss Arti Bali, said: the religious, political and ethnic extremisms are the main sources of the political crisis in many countries including Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan and implementation of the Iranian proposed resolution at the UNGA would play a vital role in containing these global threats.

“Sahara India” is among the most popular and wide spread print and visual media groups in India.

“The religious extremism of the terrorist group of Al-Qaeda has destroyed a major part of Syria and has killed a large number of people there and, therefore, cooperation among all the nations to contain Al-Qaeda and save the Syrian people is a must.” She added.

Terming Iran’s role in containing the religious extremism in Afghanistan and Syria as “very constructive”, the seasoned international affairs analyst said: Taliban and Al-Qaeda are trying to spread the violent religious extremism in Afghanistan and Arab countries respectively and Iran has played a major role in containing the devastative and inhuman activities of these terrorist groups in the courtiers.

Terming the cooperation between Iran and the West in containing the violent extremism of Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Syria as “very important”, Miss Arti Bali said: “Iran is among the countries which have suffered the most from the terrorist activities and Iran, along with many other nations, has played a major role in curbing the activates of these groups and, therefore, ensuring peace and security in the world.

“Iran’s cooperation in resolving regional issues particularly in regards to the upcoming withdrawal of the US and NATO forces from Afghanistan and also the Syrian crisis is a must.” She added.



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