Commander: Iran ready to hold maneuvers with regional countries

Tehran, Dec 21, IRNA – Deputy Commander of the Iranian Air Force Brigadier General Ali Reza Barkhor stressed Iran’s preparedness to hold joint military wargames with neighboring and regional countries.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force is ready to hold joint maneuvers with the countries of the region within the framework of the system’s policies,” Brigadier General Barkhor said.

M, and said, “The message of this wargame was peace, friendship and sustainable security for all regional countries since the beginning of the wargame.”

Iranian Air Force started air exercises over the Persian Gulf waters, in southern Iran, on Friday morning.

The two-day exercises are the main and second phase of a large-scale drill codenamed Fada’eeyan-e Harim-e Velayat 4 (Defenders of Velayat Sanctuary 4).

Units from all the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force bases are taking part in the three-phase drills.

The military exercises are part of annual exercises aimed at testing indigenous air defense systems, improving the units’ combat readiness and displaying the country’s military might and achievements.

The drill seeks to send a message of peace, friendship and security to regional countries.



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