Iran must be denied nuclear arms capability: Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Iran must be denied “the capability to develop nuclear weapons,” in interfering remarks ahead of expert-level talks between the Islamic Republic and six world powers.

“For the peace of the world, for the peace of the coming years and decades, Iran must be denied the capability – I stress the word – the capability to develop nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said on Wednesday.

He made similar comments during a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi later in the day.

Iran rejects such baseless allegations that it seeks nuclear weapons.

The comments by Netanyahu come while the Israeli regime is widely believed to be the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, with estimated 200-400 nuclear warheads. In its Yearbook 2012, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said that Israel possesses at least 80 “highly operational” nuclear warheads.

Israel also invariably refused to either allow inspections of its nuclear facilities or join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Iran, in contrast, is a signatory to the NPT, and its nuclear activities are under 24/7 surveillance by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Furthermore, numerous inspections by the IAEA have never found any evidence supporting the unfounded allegation that the nuclear activities of Iran have non-civilian purposes.

On Thursday, the Islamic Republic and the six world powers – the US, Britain, Germany, France, China and Russia – will resume expert-level talks in Geneva over the implementation of a deal they clinched in the Swiss city on November 24.

Netanyahu had called the deal “a very, very bad deal.”

By Press TV


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