Bahraini regime interrogates more children

TEHRAN (FNA)- The authorities in Bahrain transferred children to the public prosecution two days after Amnesty International released a statement heavily criticizing the Bahraini authorities for jailing and torturing children.

“The regime is vindictively using its authorities to target children, women and mosques in disrespect to its commitments to respect human rights,” Al Wefaq said commenting on the trial of the children Ali Ahmed, 12, Jihad Al-Samee’i and Abdullah Yousif.

“By putting more children on trial, the regime is turning its back on those states friend to Bahrain and international rights organizations.”

“Children rights that are guaranteed by all international law and conventions must be protected in Bahrain. The regime must immediately call a halt to all human rights violation that are being brutally perpetrated against children in Bahrain,” Al-Wefaq added.

“Charging children and putting them on trial proves the travesty of justice in Bahrain,” Al-Wefaq stated.

“It is shocking and totally unacceptable for children at such ages to have to face ill treatment and brutal assault,” Al-Wefaq concluded.

By Fars News Agency


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