Iran envoy addresses UNSC on Afghanistan

Since the U.S. and Britain first launched their attack in October of 2001, things have been very unstable and insecure in Afghanistan. The country has one of the lowest life expectancies on earth according to the CIA World Factbook. Instability and violence persists as foreign troops continue to occupy the country.

UN Ambassador Mohammed Khazee of the Islamic Republic of Iran, explained the efforts that need to be taken in order to improve the situation at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

Khazee made clear that in such a process, the self-determination and sovereignty of Afghanistan should be protected. Khazee made specific reference to the problem of narcotic drugs, that resurfaced in Afghanistan, and caused difficulties throughout the entire region, since the overthrow of the Taliban. With foreign troops scheduled to leave in 2014, among many other big changes, many are hopeful that the situation in Afghanistan can improve.

By Press TV


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