West must change its approach towards Iran: Majlis vice speaker

Islamabad, Dec 15, IRNA – Iran’s Majlis Vice Speaker has asked western countries to change their approach towards Iran and recognize Islamic Republic’s peaceful nuclear right.

Talking to IRNA Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Abutorabi-Fard said that Obama has himself accepted that US is facing lot of challenges in the region and their forces have become vulnerable.

He said that Iran’s nuclear deal has helped US and western states to come out of their problems.

He said that West has no other option but to change its policy towards the Iranian nation and the government.

The Member of Iranian Parliament from Tehran said that western strategies against Iran have been failed and that is why they have adopted a new approach towards Iran by accepting the country’s nuclear rights.

He noted that Iran’s nuclear issue is one of most important issues of the world in which all major powers of the world are involved.

Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Abutorabi-Fard said that US and its allies have tried all out efforts to dismantle Iran’s enrichment program. He said that west had tried many illegitimate moves to achieve their objectives against Iran’s nuclear program.

“They issued military threats, imposed economic sanctions, even nuclear threats, they also took the issue of Iran’s nuclear program to United Nations Security Council and tried to create political conflict in Iran,” he said.

The Majlis Vice Speaker expressing his views said that the Iranian nation under the leadership of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has successfully defeated all western conspiracies and the western countries have to yield before the steadfastness of Iran.

“Iran has wisely faced all western challenges,” he said.

He added that if state bank of a country comes under sanction then it would definitely create economic problems for the country and this is the case with Iran. “However these problems cannot stop economic development of Iran,” he said.

He added that Iran with the support of its people and under the guidance of the Supreme Leader has made a new road map and changed its economic policy. “Today we are pursuing the policy of economic resistance,” said the Iranian Vice Speaker. He said that Iran is determined to cut additional expenses for the development of the country.

Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Abutorabi-Fard said that he hoped that the 11th Iranian government would take good steps for the economy of the country. He viewed that Iran’s earning from selling of oil should be transferred to National Development Fund.

He said that western countries are witnessing the development of Iran. He said that political sanctions have helped Iran a lot in making effective budgetary policy which is also the agenda of the 11th government.

He said that sanctions have failed to stop Iran from acquiring peaceful nuclear technology. The Majlis Vice Speaker went on to say that Iran had 200 centrifuges when Iran’s nuclear issue was taken to UN and today Iran has 19,000 centrifuges of new generation developed indigenously.

The Iranian MP added that Arak reactor is a symbol of pride for Iran which is developing by each passing day. He added that West is worried about the progress of Arak reactor.

Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Abutorabi-Fard said that western states made all out efforts to stop Iran’s nuclear development but failed to do so and now they have realized that they need to change their approach towards Iran.



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