World awakening to Western lies on Iran: Analyst

The world’s public opinion is coming to realize that the Western narrative that Iran is seeking to build nuclear weapons is but a “thumping great lie,” says a prominent analyst.

“…Global awakening is on the horizon. Manipulation of public opinion has run its course. Distorting the realities on the ground is a threadbare ploy,” Iranian author Dr. Ismail Salami wrote in a column on Press TV on Wednesday.

“It is now generally acknowledged that the West’s narrative on Iran’s intention to produce nuclear weapons is but a thumping big lie and a fairy tale forcefully woven into the warps and wefts of public opinion,” Dr. Salami wrote.

The United States, Israel and some of their allies have repeatedly accused Iran of pursuing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program. Iran has categorically rejected the allegations, arguing that it only seeks nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

Pointing to the efforts by hawkish US Senators Robert Menendez and Mark Kirk to work out a new anti-Iran sanctions legislation, Salami noted that “perceptibly powerful” puppets of the Israeli regime are at work in a bid to serve the interests of Tel Aviv.

“Widely considered the major engineers of the anti-Iran sanctions, these two senators are at the beck and call of the Zionists and their efforts are certainly aimed at gratifying their Iranophobic desires,” he said.

He said that Menendez had time and again proved his submissiveness to the Tel Aviv regime and resorted to any means to instill a sense of threat and phobia about Iran while Kirk has also, in a similar way, tried to disseminate fear of the Islamic Republic in the world.

The analyst concluded that these “well-financed” puppets of Israel in the US are struggling “to advance their ultimate goals regarding Iran, which is clearly regime change.”

“The rift that keeps deepening more and more between Iran and the West has nothing to do with a West concerned about Iran’s intention… to build a nuclear bomb; rather, it is an ulterior motive long cherished and shaped by the West and the Zionists: uprooting a tree of truth,” Salami concluded.

By Press TV


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