Iran today: Technical talks continue on implementation of nuclear deal

Technical talks between Iran and the 5+1 Powers on implementation the November 24 interim nuclear deal have resumed in Vienna.

The two-day discussions will set out steps for Iran’s suspension of enrichment of 20% uranium, with existing stock converted to fuel plates or diluted to 5%, and the lifting of some of the US-led sanctions on Tehran.

The meetings, including nuclear and banking experts, are being held in strict secrecy.

On Wednesday, Iran will resume talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency on the inspection protocol of Tehran’s nuclear facilities. In November, just before the interim deal, the two sides agreed a six-point plan including inspection of the under-construction Arak heavy-water nuclear reactor and Iran’s major uranium mine.

Meanwhile, President Rouhani has stood firm on Iran’s right to enrich, telling MPs in Bushehr in southern Iran:

You see that the world powers, who have dreamed in their minds of destroying Iran’s ability to enrich, have now recognized that they do not have the ability to prevent the advance of this industry and enrichment in Iran due to the domestication and spread of this industry.

The 5+1 Powers did not formally recognize the right to enrich in the interim agreement; however, it is tacitly accepted in the terms of the deal.

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