Baku denies Iran access to detained Iranian

Iran’s ambassador to Azerbaijan Republic says, despite numerous requests, Azeri officials have not yet allowed Iranian diplomats access to a detained Iranian citizen, who is on a hunger strike over his arrest.

Ambassador Mohsen Pak-Ayeen said Monday that Iran’s embassy in the Azeri capital of Baku is still waiting for an authorization to meet Bahram Feizi, an innocent Iranian citizen who was incarcerated by Azeri officials over the false allegation that he intended to attack the Israeli embassy in Baku.

Pak-Ayeen further complained that, despite sending repeated formal notes to the Azeri Foreign Ministry, Baku has still not facilitated consular access to the Iranian citizen, in violation of international regulations.

According to the director of the Iranian Embassy’s consular section, Mohsen Molayi, the arrested Iranian has stated in a letter to the embassy that he has gone on a hunger strike to protest the political ruling of an Azeri court against him and being subjected to torture, and that he is in poor health and in need of being examined by an embassy physician.

The Iranian diplomats in Baku also stated that Azeri lawmaker and human rights advocate Changiz Ghanizadeh has previously claimed that there would be no problem for Iranian diplomats in Baku to visit Feizi, even pledging to accompany them on the visit.

However, after a week, the Azeri lawmaker has still not delivered on his pledge.

This is while another Iranian citizen named Hassan Faraji was arrested and tortured last month in Baku for allegedly “passing in front of” the Israeli embassy and “acting suspiciously.”

Following his release, however, Faraji said that he never appeared in front of the Israeli embassy and that the charges leveled against him by the Baku government were totally bogus.

By Press TV


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