US Media: Saudi-Israeli alliance aims to prevent US-Iran rapprochement

TEHRAN (FNA)- Saudi Arabia, Israel and their allies in the US Congress oppose a diplomatic settlement with Iran over its nuclear program because the deal could kill the hopes for military action and improve US-Iran relations, the US media said.

Ivan Eland in an article on Consortiumnews said that the real truth behind the complaints of Israeli and Saudi officials about the interim deal with Iran is that they are really concerned about the power of Iran in the region.

He added that Iran’s nuclear issue is just an excuse to push the US hawks towards commencing another costly war in the Middle East region.

“One might ask the hawks blatantly trying to scuttle the interim agreement what alternative they propose. They claim that they instead want a complete dismantling of Iran’s nuclear program — which is permitted by the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) as long as it is not used to make a bomb — an outcome that has no chance of happening,” Eland said.

He also described the nuclear deal as a “pareto improvement” which is in favor of the both sides of the negotiations.

“The hawks — the Israelis, the Saudis, and their congressional allies — however, oppose this pareto improvement for the two negotiating parties, because it’s not a pareto improvement for them,” he said.

“However, if the real objective is to weaken Iran as a power in the Middle East through a military attack by either the United States or Israel, using Iran’s nuclear program as an excuse, the interim agreement — and of course any future comprehensive agreement laying the Iranian nuclear issue to rest for good — is a disaster because it removes the imperative for any military strike.”

He said the hawks really fear that the nuclear agreement could finally cause the rapprochement of the US and Iran and consequently “lead to realignment in the Mideast region to the perceived detriment of Israel and Saudi Arabia, each of whose archenemy is Iran”.

“Their reasoning goes that if the United States settles some of its differences with Iran and has a better relationship with that country, Iran’s power will grow at their expense. That explains the hawks’ white-hot opposition to a rather benign interim agreement, which could eventually lead to peace, instead of war, with Iran,” Eland Underlined.

By Fars News Agency


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