Iranians anti-Messi comments probably ‘planned’

TEHRAN, Dec. 8 (MNA) – An Iranian university lecturer has said it is probable anti-Messi remarks in his Facebook page in Persian is planned.

Mehr News reported that after Iran had been drawn with Argentine in the Group F in Brazil World Cup 2014, about 40,000 comments in Persian had been posted in Lionel Messi’s Facebook page, part of which was offensive and invective.

In reaction Messi said he was sorry for comments and described them’ totally unfriendly.’ Emad Afrough, parliamentarian and university lecturer told Mehr News in an interview about the event in Facebook that “in politics such unethical issues are usual in recent years which emanate from the culture of a particular group; but in sports and about athletes, few cases of such disrespect have been recorded,” he added.

“ an investigation should be carry out to find how the event which had found extensive media coverage and depicted a bad mentality about the Iranian public, took place and what is its origins,” Afrough said.

Asked about the possible reasons behind posting such insulting comments on Messi’s page, Afrough said that “it should be proved that Iranians and Persian speakers themselves and without any plans have posted the comments. I suspect that the event is a planned program. Perhaps a small group had perpetrated that.”

“I wonder why Iranians, with such positive approach to sports and athletes and reverence of world renowned athletes, would do such a thing. In some occasions even, this reverence turns into extreme excitement about the sport figures,” Afrough asserted.

“I was surprised to hear the news. I did not see the comments myself. If true, it seems to be planned, with the objective of defile our public faces. If posted in the name of Iranians, it would be a national shame, depicting a bad image of Iranians,” he believed, and that “ however we have not an acceptable sport ethics, in no time did I believe that the immorality originated from the public, but that this is the powerful politicians who would perpetuate the immorality among the public.”

“This event has nothing to do with the government and political figures. It is a source of shame and I do not want to conclude that our public culture has moved to such terrains, but I suggest that those who are sensitive and know that this was despoiling Iranian public face act on time to alleviate the effect of comments, and try to counterbalance the negative effects of comments,” Afrough said.

“ Lionel Messi is a world-class player either technically or in ethics, and perhaps comments had not been intended to demoralize Messi; on the contrary, it would not demoralize him, but to defile Iranian public face,” he said, and that “ if any verbal fighting among athletes arises, it would not end in vilification.”

Afrough believed that such comments would not assumed disrespect to Messi. Nor it would be assumed verbal fight, “but a public shame for Iranians, their identity, and culture.”

By Mehr News Agency


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    • Sina

      I’m a fan of Ronaldo , but I’m sorry about that !
      ولي با كارشون خيلي حال كردم :دي

      • arya

        these comments i believe are from panturks who always try to show Iranians as uncivilized people.
        history is a good evidence for judging.
        they are Separatists and they may do anything to get to their aim.

  1. Sam

    Me too. He is a very good player,but the more important, he is a man with talent and very polite behavior in any conditions. I hope and surly he will understand that the Iranian people like him. Anyway, as an Iranian, I am also very sorry for some unfriendly comments about him from some impolite people.

  2. sasan

    i come from iran.i`m sorry about this.these are not real iranian.most people of iran love messi.and me.
    messi is my every things.

  3. Seyedarash

    Messi is very famous &popular in Iran.iranians love messi & Barcelona very much.iranian football players and fans will respect other teams and players .

  4. sajjad

    Mr. Leo Messi you are amazing with your
    ability and creativity in soccer field, we are
    being fascinated with your admirable
    performance in Argentina and Barcelona
    football team. You have so many fans in
    Iran which follow your plays and use that
    for training. Some of us have your pictures
    on their room wall and think whether we
    should encourage Iran or Argentina football
    team in match against each other. We are
    counting down days for watching football
    match between Iran an Argentina in 2014
    world cup and enjoy it. We guess it should
    be guid from some unknown group which
    are minority of people unless whole people
    like soccer love you and enjoy your play.
    Hopefully you accept our apologies behalf
    all Iranian for some insulting in your
    Facebook page which is not acceptable in
    our culture and civilization

  5. irani


  6. hamed

    as an iranian have to say that it is a conspirsy vs iran.
    we all love mr.messi an miss.fernanda lima and we are so sorry about what happened with the name of iranians to them.

  7. Karim

    This is a typical fun for Persian people, targeting prominent and public figures’ pages is a part of Persian culture. We have already seen this in case of NASA, French minister, Italian player pages , etc. I am just sorry for them

  8. Milad

    It’s a shame for Iranian community, but at least it projected what some of fans do in iranian stadiums and how they insult soccer players. Leo Messi if you are reading this, you gotta feel some empathy with iranian soccer players and bro plz don’t be angry at Iranians.

  9. Parham

    In any culture you can find people who do not care to make a bad name of their culture and necessarily they are not the majority.
    I hope this kind of insulting behavior never happen to anybody…..

  10. vahid

    Hey, I apologize on behalf of the Iranians messi and messi Wishing success.
    I do not never see this again
    با سلام من به نمایندگی از ایرانیان از مسی عذرخواهی می کنم و برای مسی موفقیت آرزو میکنم.
    امیدوارم دیگر شاهد چنین کارهایی نباشیم

  11. bahram

    Im sorry leo. I apologize about some of my people. you must know real iranian love you. we love you like kempes and maradona. you are oure everlasting player for all time.

  12. maryam

    I think it’s an absolute fiasco- I have no idea whether those who have sent these disgracefully comments, would have thought of its global consequences for Iran or not but I’m quite sure that this egregious behavior besmirched our country’s reputation worldwide more and more.
    I’m deeply sorry and express my apologies to Leo Messi who is an amazing footballer and a role model for many Iranian youngsters. I also feel sorry for those so-called Iranians who use the internet and social networks as places to demonstrate their personal misbehavior issues. My apologies Messi. .

  13. m ali

    i am an iranian. i believe they are not real iranians. iran has a great and good culture. i am very sorry for them. we (iranians) respet messi. he is the best player all over the world.

  14. Marzie

    I am an Iranian.
    I wish health to you, Mr. Messi.
    I also wish success for my country:)

    من یک ایرانی هستم.
    و برای شما آقای مسی آرزوی سلامتی میکنم.
    هم چنین برای کشورم آرزوی موفقیت می کنم.

    ی دیوونه ی سنگی میندازه تو چاه هزار تا عاقل نمیتونن درش بیارن:(

  15. John


    I was wondering why all insulting appeared on Western famous people’s page by iranian is palnned? How many of anti-persian users were set to ruin iranian’s image on the Inetnet. Guys let’s be honest, it’s not difficult to look around and catch many Iranian people are insulting other nations or race. You can see it from all insulting comments put on other nations like Afghan, Turkish and Arab here and there. But the case is now it is happening for other nations except Afghan, Turkish and Arab then to make it more reasonable this university conduct an ridiculous investigation to show that hey world those stupid comments are not mine.. we are all the best of race and nations in the whole history. Yes the real story is this.

  16. Ronak

    to one of the best football players ;messi!.i know that saying sorry won’t vanished all that comments that u’ve or the way u’ve been treated but the least i can do is saying sorry for iranians insulting comments….after iran and argentin game(that it wasn’t a fair bcoz of the couch!!!)i have to say congratulation to argentin and good luck for u and u’re team.hope u’re team be the next champion.