Iranian institute and foreign agencies team up to promote Persian literature

TEHRAN, Dec. 1 (MNA) – The Ghazaal Literary Agency, an independent institute established in 2012, has signed deals with a number of international agencies to publish translations of some contemporary Persian literary works in the world.

The Sussana Zevi Literary Agency in Italy will publish Italian and French versions of the Iranian novels “Kimia Khatun” by Saeideh Qods, “Never Again” by Mahvash Eghtefari, “A Red Vein Put on a Canvas” by Maliheh Sabbaghian, “Khale-Bazi” by Belqeis Soleimani, “Grand Hotel” by Mahnaz Javaheri and “Aylin’s Dark Line” by Mahmonir Kahbasi.

Ghazaal has also signed an agreement with the Big Apple Agency, Inc. in China. This agency will publish a Chinese version of “Wolves Are Not Scared of Snow” by Mohammadreza Bayrami, “A Man in Eternal Exile” by Nader Ebrahimi, “Café Piano” by Farhad Jafari, “Heaven’s Corridor” by Nazi Safavi” and “A Star Named Monster” by Mohammadreza Yusefi.

The Korridor Small Press (Forlaget Korridor) in Denmark will publish a Danish version of the Iranian novella

“Once Again, the City I Loved” by Nader Ebrahimi in the near future.

The Ella Sher Literary Agency in Spain and Allied Authors Agency in Netherlands are two other agencies that will release Dutch translations of books in the near future.

By Mehr News Agency


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