Russia against sabotage in Iran-Group 5+1 talks

Moscow, Nov 19, IRNA – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow is against sabotage in Iran- Group 5+1 talks in Geneva.
In an interview with the Russian Daily ˈNezavisimaya Gazettaˈ, Lavrov said that Group 5+1 and Iran may reach an agreement on November 20 negotiation in Geneva if no obstacle emerges in the way of talks.

He added in the upcoming talks on Iran’s nuclear program, which starts on November 20, certain documents will be on the table, which were discussed on in the previous round of talks.

He said that a number of members of Group 5+1 presented amendments to the document.

Lavrov continued that imposing pressure through sanctions cannot solve anything about Iran.

He said the claim that Iran has come to negotiation table because of the sanctions is ˈworthlessˈ and there is a good opportunity now to reach an agreement with Iran.



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