67 Iranian firms cooperating in manufacture of 150-seater plane

Iran Air Boeing 747 passenger plane

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) announced that 67 Iranian science-based companies are cooperating in the designing of the country’s new 150-seater passenger plane.

“A sum of 67 science-based companies have been identified for cooperation in manufacturing the 150-Seat passenger plane and at the end of a conference (is to be held on November 25) the status of each of these companies and their duties in the macro plan will be specified,” Deputy Managing Director of the IAIO for Research Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Hadavi said on Sunday.

“On this basis the science-based companies which are active in aerospace will convene for cooperation in the second phase of this national macro project, including manufacturing of airplane parts of the 150-seat plane,” Hadavi added, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

“This gathering will take place on November 25 and in its different sections, the different sectors of the macro plan for manufacturing the 150-seat airplane will be explained and the capabilities of the science-based companies will be compiled in a data bank,” the official said.

Pars Aero Technology Park is located at the venue of Iran Air Exhibition at the beginning of Tehran-Karaj Freeway.

By Fars News Agency


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