Families of Iranian terror victims condemn Saravan terrorist attack on western hypocrisy

TEHRAN (FNA)- The killing of the 14 brave Iranian border guards by the Jeish al-Adl terrorist group proved once again that terrorism is a planned conspiracy posing a grave threat to Iran’s security, Habilian Association – an NGO formed of the families of 17,000 victims of terrorism in Iran – said in a statement.

Habilian extended its condolences to the bereaved families of the 14 slain border guards as well as the entire Iranian nation for the great loss which was incurred on the country in the early hours of Saturday morning.

“Being quite incapable of creating religious schism in Iran’s Balouchestan region and disrupting the Shiite-Sunni unity, the Takfiri-Salafi terrorists brutally resorted to a killing which is the sign of their fear and weakness,” the statement said.

“These despicable terrorists who felt unable to reach out to people due to the outstanding bravery of the border guards, disclosed their intention that they avenged their loss in Syria from the innocent people of Iran,” it added.

“Although the radical Wahhabi Salafi groups are taking the lives of many civilians in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, the Saravan bloody shoot-out shows the necessity for the adoption of a firm position by the United Nations and the UN Security Council against this terrorist crime,” the statement added.

Habilian said without a shadow of doubt, the Zionist regime and some regional countries which are seeking tension in the region are behind the terrorist act. “Yet, History has shown that the sovereignty of Great Iran will not be affected by such acts and Iranian people will drive these new Salafi-Zionist mercenaries to the same fate as Rigi’s Jundollah.”

Habilian warned that such terrorist acts emanate from the double-standard policies practiced towards terrorism and the silence shown by those countries which claim to be in a war on terrorism.

By Fars News Agency


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