Iranian researchers design respiratory masks attracting tiny dusts

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researchers have designed enhanced nanofibers respiratory mask which is capable of attracting 99 percent of micron particles (more than 300 nanometers).

First, a nanofiber layer is created on the middle layer of the mask which can be sewed to other layers of mask after stabilization process.

Network connectivity layer nanofibers and other layers of mask prevent layers movements and reduces permeability mask a little.

The modified mask with 99.2 percent efficiency has 0.3 micrometer dust particles, while efficiency of normal asks is 43.9 percent.

The newly-designed mask is strong in attracting tiny dusts and pathogens. It can filter tiny dusts without significant increase in pressure drop, prevent the penetration of germs and virus and boost the time of filtration and mask life span.

The system can be designed for all people, doctors and those with high sensitivity to environmental pollution.

The mask is expected to be mass produced in the one year.



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