Removing PM first step to solve Bahraini crisis

A photo of the wreckage of car following a bomb explosion near a mosque in Bahrain’s Riffa city on July 17, 2013

Tehran, YJC. Bahraini opposition figure says it will be necessary to remove the Prime Minister from the office before further actions are taken to set the country in order.

Al-Wifaq opposition bloc member Majid Milad in interview with Fars said “To remove Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa from office is the first step to solve the crisis in which Bahrain is stuck right now.”

He added “The Bahraini opposition have clear goals, the meeting of which will provide a free, democratic life for them in action and not in words and slogans.”

Further adding comments about the deposal of Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, he said “If this is the first step to resolve the political crisis with the Bahraini opposition, there is no problem. The opposition will stop their demonstrations and wait for more on the reform path.”

Pointing to a statement by Al-Watan magazine that Bahrain faces not a pop revolution but some foreign scheme, Milad said “In his report, Al-Basyouni showed that what happens in Bahrain has nothing to do with foreign sides, including Iran. Another reason for that is that the Bahraini opposition make national and popular demands.”

Pointing to measures by al-Wifaq to free activist Khalil al-Marzouq from prison, Milad said “We do all we can to free al-Marzouq.”

“We know well that Marzouq was arrested for political activities that did not please the ruling power. The Society’s lawyers do their best to free him,” he asserted.



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