ALBA condemns Israel human rights violations

The Bolivarian Alliance for the People of our America (ALBA) has condemned the human rights violations committed by the Israeli regime on Palestine as well as the resentment by Tel Aviv to comply with UN recommendations.

During the 24th ordinary session of the UN Council of Human rights on Monday, the Latin American bloc, represented by Ecuador, also repeated its support for the establishment of a Palestinian state free from occupation.

Furthermore, the bloc denounced the illegal settlement and the crimes committed by the Israeli regime against the Palestinians as well as the extrajudicial murders.

The bloc called for the Council to take appropriate actions against both the direct perpetrators of the killings and those that supported them through arms, technology or funds.

In addition, Cuban representative Juan Antonio Quintanilla censured Israel’s continuous violations against international humanitarian laws which could end in its physical elimination.

Quintanilla continued by criticizing Israel for its refusal to cooperate with the UN Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR), saying that it only added to Tel Aviv’s long and persistent history of non-compliance with its most elementary international duties.

Other nations and organizations also gave similar condemnations against Israel’s total disregard to UN human rights recommendations as well as its violations towards Palestinians, including Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia, Gabon, who spoke on the behalf of the African Group and Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

Iran, which spoke on the behalf of NAM, said it was concerned of the recurrence of violations already discussed in previous reviews and called for Tel Aviv to meet its legal and moral responsibilities with respect to the Palestinian people’s fundamental rights.

Venezuela said the Israeli regime must be held responsible for the acts, which has caused great suffering to the Palestinian people. It also called on Israel and its accomplices in the international community to uphold Palestinians’ right to resettle and respect the 1967 borders.

The UN human rights council’s session included discussions on the human rights situation in Palestine and a debate on the Universal Periodic Review, which involves a assessment of human rights records of all UN member states once every four years.

By Press TV


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