US retreat on Syria shows balance of power shifting to East: Lawmaker

Islamabad, Sept 16, IRNA – A veteran Pakistan legislator, who heads the Senate’s standing committee on defence has said the US retreat on Syria crisis showed the balance of power is now shifting to the East from the West.

Talking to local media here, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, a geo-strategist and former information and broadcasting minister, pointed out that the part played by Russia, China and some other countries was commendable and instrumental in compelling the US to look for other ways instead of unleashing aggression on Damascus.

He was of the view that in the new world scene, the role of Russia and China would be very important in making the global village a peaceful abode. He added the US so-called policy of regime change had nothing to do with the United Nations charter and the international laws.

“The world has apparently begun moving back to a bi-polar scenario and the latest explosive situation for which US and some Arab countries are to be blamed, has also shown America is facing both economic and political crisis at home,” he noted.

Mushahid Syed was happy to note that the public opinion in the US and at the global level played a crucial part in defusing the situation in the region after Washington announced to attack an independent Muslim state.

The lawmaker believed that the Syrian crisis also exposed the vulnerable economic position of the West.

As to certain Arab nations’ offer to finance US aggression on Syria, he said such ploy is a part of aggression and is also a clear violation of the United Nations charter”.

The senator called for concerted efforts to promote greater understanding among Islamic nations and regretted that certain Muslim nations encouraged the US to attack another Muslim state.



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