Iran, Latin America trade volume on the rise

The Islamic republic of Iran’s ties with Latin America increases day after day. Official IMF statistics show that Tehran’s trade with the region’s countries to hit over 3.8 billion US dollars.

One of the most relevant figures to point out is that Iran’s exports
to Latin America jumped over 175% and many stock brokers and analysts consider that under the new government of recently elected President Hassan Rouhani, that amount could not only keep growing but even duplicate 100% reaching totally unprecented levels. They base their forecasts considering the economic plans that President Rouhani administration has announced for his term in office.

Among the reasons of that skyrocketing jump it’s a more than
significant strengthening of trade with Argentina that according to
IMF reached over 1.3 billion US dollars.

The Persian nation has increased strategic cooperation and
partnerships with almost all Latin America countries but besides the mentioned case of Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela certainly took the lead as well, being the Centro American country the biggest market for Iran’s exports in Latin America with an increase over 125 million dollars in just 12 months.

Head of the Argentine-Iranian Trade Chamber Leonardo Diaz analyzed for PressTV current and future prospects

In spite agricultural and food products are still dominating the trade balance; Mr. Diaz also considers National Iranian Oil Company NIOC could play a key role in further geopolitical, commerce and political development of the relationships.

Despite totally unilateral and imperialist sanctions imposed by the US and some European countries to the Iranian nation, these official reports clearly demonstrate and reveals its complete ineffectiveness to deter true allies like Latin American to strengthen a real cooperation within the framework of a new world order.

By Press TV


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