US Congress can’t authorize collective Syria action: Iran’s Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says US Congress is in no position to give green light for a “collective” military intervention in crisis-hit Syria.

“Only the [UN] Security Council, under special circumstances, can authorize a collective action, and that [will be] under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, and this issue needs the approval of the Security Council,” said Zarif on Sunday.

On Saturday, US President Barack Obama said he has decided to launch a military attack against Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons and seeks congressional consent for the move. US lawmakers will debate the issue upon returning from recess on September 9.

Zarif further stated, “Mr. Obama cannot interpret and change the international law based on his own wish,” stressing, “It would be wise that Mr. Obama take the several-day chance created for him to think twice about the issue, as warmongering is not in the interest of anyone.”

Resorting to force in the Middle East will ignite a fire, which will be difficult to contain, said the Iranian foreign minister.

The call for military action against the Arab state intensified after foreign-backed opposition forces accused the government of President Bashar al-Assad of launching a chemical attack on militant strongholds in the suburbs of Damascus on August 21.

Following the claims, the United States and a number of its allies were quick to engage in a major propaganda campaign to promote war against Syria despite the fact that Damascus has categorically rejected being behind the attack.

Iran and a number of other countries have warned against the ramifications of a military strike against Syria, saying that the fallout from a military action would engulf the entire region.

By Press TV


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