Iran flag-bearer of countering global terrorism: Intelligence min.

Iran’s intelligence minister has condemned the growing wave of the new forms of terrorism across the globe and underlined Iran’s pivotal role as the flag-bearer of countering the scourge.

“Unfortunately, in today’s world, not only has terrorism not stopped, but also it manifests itself in new forms, and we are witnessing acts of terrorism across the world,” said Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi in a ceremony in Tehran on Saturday, which was held to commemorate 17,000 Iranian martyrs who have fallen victim to terrorist acts.

“Terror signifies enemies’ frustration in using logic, and the more the frustration grows, the more the enemies are enraged,” Alavi noted.

“There are countries in the world that pay lip service to countering terrorism and consider themselves the flag-bearers and pioneers of the movement, but when we see their track record, it turns out that they are the initiators of state terrorism,” he added.

He said the victims of terrorism should take the lead when it comes to fighting terrorism, adding, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is the true standard-bearer of this campaign.”

By Press TV


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