US promised arms to Iraq terrorists for use against Iran, Shias: Larijani

Iran Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says a former US envoy to Iraq had promised weapons to terror elements on the condition that they use them against Iran and followers of Shia school of thought.

“When Iraq was occupied, the US declared its intent to crush terrorists, but we have information that the former US ambassador [to Iraq] held a meeting with terrorists and said they were willing to supply weapons to militants under the condition that those weapons were pointed towards Iran and Shias,” Larijani said on Wednesday at a Tehran event commemorating the international Mosque Day.

The top Iranian legislator further emphasized that today, the US clearly states that they are supplying arms to extremist and radical elements in Syria, so “it seems veils have been somewhat uncovered.”

He also underscored the fact that the same foreign-backed radical and terror groups in Syria have attacked and destroyed mosques and other religious centers.

Larijani went on to censure foreign-dependent dictators in the Muslim world, saying, “They do not desire Islamic tendencies to spread among Muslims and are not interested in regional revolutions to have an Islamic color.”

The Majlis speaker further pointed to recent events in Egypt, noting that in Egypt too “we are witnessing the destruction of mosques,” blaming the trend on “Western hegemonic currents” that are seeking to marginalize mosques with the help of Muslim dictators.

Larijani also underlined the importance of the role of Muslim scholars in defusing such schemes. “The extremist and radical groups seek to create rifts among Muslims, but the Islamic scholars can make people cognizant of such divisive [attempts] by elaborating on the pure facts of Islam.”

In recent years, foreign-sponsored Takfiri groups have been conducting numerous acts of terrorism across the Muslim world, including in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., killing thousands of civilians and destabilizing security in those Muslim countries.

By Press TV


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