German teachers rally in protest at ‘unfair’ payments

Teachers in Germany’s capital, Berlin, have rallied in protest against “unfair” payments, Press TV reports.

The rally, which has been staged two weeks after schools reopened in Germany, brought more than 3,500 teachers and educators to the streets of Berlin.

The demonstrators said the young instructors who started working after 2004 are given less benefits in the social security and the health system.

“The teachers and educators of the city are marching because they stand for their rights,” said Doreen Siebernik, the chairwoman of the Teachers Union, adding that the state and the government decide “how the teachers are to be paid and how the job situation should be.”

The teachers have planned to hold several other rallies during the week to make their voices heard by the German politicians before the next month’s parliamentary elections in the country.

“In a way it is not good for the Social Democrats in Germany for the SDP (Social Democratic Party), because they say that they do something for the workers… but when they have the power they don’t do this and that is what we want to show here,” said a protester.

According to the latest poll conducted by a German TV channel, the Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU), will gain 42 percent of the votes in the elections while Free Democratic Party (FDP), SPD, the Greens and the Left will respectively secure 5, 25, 12 and 8 percent of the polls.

By Press TV


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