Iranian researchers build nanofibers for severe burns recovery

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researchers have managed to produce antibacterial nanofibers with the capability of recovering severe and degree 3 burns.

The research has focused on biological properties of chitosan and its strong antibacterial features such as porosity, tridimensional structures. Using such nanofiber covers on deep cuts and burns creates the required biochemical signals for the fast recovery of the burns.

The research aims at producing compatible and antibacterial biocompatible scaffolds with high capability of removing infection which paves the way for recovery of the burned parts of the body.

The nanocovers take blood and infection out of the burned tissues and provides the required moisture for recovery of the infected tissues.

The results of the research which have been jointly carried out by Amir Kabir Poly Technique University, Iran’s Medical Sciences University and Iran’s Heart Center have been published in IET nanobiotechnology.

Iranian researchers and scientists have made great progress in different fields, including building medical tools and medicines which have been formerly imported from other countries.



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