Four petchem projects ready for startup

TEHRAN (FNA)- Managing-Director of Fajr Petrochemical Company Hossein Sharyari said four petrochemical development projects are ready to come on stream.

Shahryari said the projects include water purification facilities, air separation unit, sewage treatment and a furnace. The projects have cost 3.335 trillion rials plus 123 million euros.

“The water purification facility includes pre-purification, purification and storage facilities. The facility is to produce reserve osmosis, demineralized, condensed, firefighting and clean water. The project, which cost 728 billion rials plus 80 million euros, lasted three years,” the official stated.

Shahryari said the air separation unit, which sprawls on 2.5 hectares of land, has two sections for compression and separation of air. The compression unit has a capacity of 15,000 normal cubic meters per hour of plant air and 2,700 normal cubic meters of instrument air. The separation unit produces 12,000 normal cubic meters per hour of gas oxygen and 24,000 normal cubic meters per hour of gas nitrogen.

“This unit was constructed with the cooperation of the private sector in 36 months with a sum amounting to 43 million euros,” he said.

Shahryari said the sewage treatment facility whose product will be used for watering green space in the special economic zone where the petrochemical plant is located. This project was implemented in 38 months with a credit of 68 billion rials.

Shahryari said the sludge cakes, weighing 15 tons per day, are transferred to the furnace to be incinerated with environment-friendly methods and in compliance with European standards.

“This biological sludge removal project is the first in Iran and the Middle East and the seventh of kind in the world. All stages including design, manufacturing, installation and controlling system have been handled by Iranian technicians. It has cost 56 billion rials and implemented in 19 months,” he said.

Moreover, a 400-kilovolt power supply post was implemented three years ago with an investment of 720 billion rials plus 211 million euros.

By Fars News Agency


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