UK Muslims suffered over 1,000 Islamophobic attacks in past 18 months

Muslims have suffered almost 1,200 Islamophobic attacks across England and Wales in the past 18 months, director of a charity which monitors anti-Muslim incidents says.

Tell Mama organization’s director Fiyaz Mughal told Deutsche Welle that the rate of anti-Muslim attacks tends to increase in the UK following a international or national conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims.

He also said an overwhelming number of Islamophobic attacks do not take place on the street but via internet.

“The street-based activity happens, but it’s not significant right now, whereas the online activity of anti-Muslim prejudice is very significant. It’s a very concerted, determined effort by far-right followers, anti-Muslim individuals and racist individuals, but also people who generally dislike Muslims,” Mughal said.

An earlier study led by Nigel Copsey of Teesside University on Islamophobic incidents in Britain showed the number of attacks on Islamic centers, mosques and Muslims has multiplied ten-fold in the immediate aftermath of the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, in southeast of London on May 22.

By Press TV


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