Iran lawmakers urge Egypt scholars, religious figures to help end crisis

Iranian legislators have denounced the unrelenting violence in Egypt, calling on Egyptian elites, scholars, intellectuals and religious figures to take measures to end the turmoil in the Arab country.

Some 272 Iranian lawmakers issued a statement on Thursday, pointing to the historical background and ancient civilization of Egypt and describing Egyptians as a prudent nation.

The MPs also lauded Egypt as an influential country in the region with a remarkable revolution rooted in the Egyptian people’s desire to promote justice and struggle against arrogance and Zionism.

The country has become the target of outsider’s jealousy now that it is about to achieve independence and establish religious democracy, the Iranian lawmakers pointed out.

The lawmakers noted that mistakes made by Egyptian statesmen combined with ongoing domestic disputes in the country have provided an opportunity for ill-wishers of the Muslim world, arrogant powers as well as their reactionary regional allies to stoke violence in Egypt and fan the flames of civil war and fratricide in order to distract attention from the issue of Palestine and their arch-enemy, Israel.

“The continuation of this deplorable situation in Egypt has rang the alarm that it will have no result but to weaken Egypt and the power of Muslim nations,” the statement read.

The Iranian legislators also called on Egyptian political, social and religious figures to intervene to stop the bloodshed in the country, and resolve their internal differences within themselves and without dependence on outsiders.

Tension has intensified in Egypt since July 3 when the Egyptian army removed former president, Mohamed Morsi, from office, suspended the constitution and dissolved the parliament.

Hundreds of protesters, mostly Morsi’s supporters, have been killed or wounded during the unrelenting violence that erupted since the removal of Morsi.

By Press TV


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